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Telework: A Growth Strategy for Rural Minnesota booklet earns national recognition!

The story of how Fergus Falls became the Telework Capital of Minnesota was named a national award-winner by the International Economic Development Council in October of 2014. According to the IEDC, the category - Human Capital award - distinguishes economic development efforts that develop strategic approaches to meet one or more of following objectives: 1) strengthening the skills of the workforce; 2) increasing and developing the pool of knowledge workers, including youth in the pipeline; 3) enhancing the skill sets of low-skilled and other disadvantaged workers; and 4) better integrating and aligning economic and workforce development activities through systematic attempts at building a workforce system.

The booklet, which earned the bronze honor, is now available in both hard copy and digital form (PDF).

The 44-page booklet takes the reader through the steps of how Fergus Falls developed telework as a way to grow payroll in the community. Readers will get tips and pointers on helping other communities begin the same journey in rural communities.

For a copy of the manual, contact the Fergus Falls Economic Improvement Commission through their website: http://ffeic.org/

Flexible Schedules are Gaining Traction

There's a lot of steam gaining behind flexible schedules and a work/life balance. Some recent statistics, compliments of Flexjobs.com:

Smart Rural Community Logo• 31% of full-time workers in the U.S. carry out most of their work from a remote location.
• 42% of employees working in cube/open office have their work-life flexibility managed by their employers.
• 59% of companies are offering some form of telecommuting benefits to their employees
• 96% of respondents are certain that traditional offices will cease to exist in the future.
• Popular forms of flexibility include control over taking breaks, time off for important family and personal needs, and flex time.

Because Fergus Falls was honored with the NTCA Smart Rural Community award, it shows that the community is on board with promoting telework!!

Here's a fun video that talks about the benefits of teleworking in about 60 seconds.
Bill Gates recently weighed in on the telework trend: http://youtu.be/2O-Q5BEGrSY
BEST BUY is hiring Geek Squad members to work from home in the Fergus Falls region. Check out the job at http://www.bestbuy-jobs.com/job/Geek-Squad-Covert-Agent-Dispatcher-Job/17550300/


Minnesota's First Rural Broadband Day to be at August FarmFest

Minnesota Farmfest will launch and celebrate Minnesota’s first ever Rural Broadband Day on Aug. 4. The farm show’s opening day in Redwood Falls, Minn., will highlight the importance of broadband access across rural America.

Make Your Own Opportunity

There are some opportunities to work from home. But they might not always be a good fit. If you find a position that is a good fit but out of the area, keep an eye on it. If it hasn't filled in several weeks, the employer may be open to speaking to you about a part- or full-time teleworking schedule. This may be especially true if you are within an hour's drive or so!


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